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“I used to fly fighter planes for Uncle Sam’s misguided children (that’s the USMC for any of y’all uninitiated). Now I fl y for civilian airlines—lots less exciting but lots mo’ pay and, for the most part, lots less danger. That is until somebody confused me with somebody else . . . somebody who could give a damn.

Then again, confusion adds an addicting quality when the addition of others adds up to a whole damn mess. Oh, and did I forget to mention that “unleashing the four horsemen of the apocalypse” thing? How they ain’t coming for dinner!”

Children of a Lost God is an engaging read that pulsates with humanity and the struggles people face in this life. Author Johnny L. Scotton, Jr. draws inspiration from a long career in the military and his life after to craft a vivid portrait of existence and little vignettes that make up the whole of it.